On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 08:59:07PM +0200, Petr Mensik wrote:
> Hi Simon and Maarten,
> we discovered when playing with NetworkManager-ci [1], that lastest
> release is somehow broken. Test running dnsmasq are quite slow on latest
> release.
> I have created repeatable started script that reproduces it. Then used
> git bisect to find when it was broken. It seems fast sending were
> intentional in commit 0a496f059c1e9 [2], but maybe way it affects the
> system were underestimated. It is significant for systems that hit such
> issue. I think it has to be fixed to slow it down to short time
> interval, not endless loop. Reported as Fedora bug [3].

Thanks for this Petr. Would you be able to share the script you've used,
so that perhaps an upstream developer could recreate the bug?

Mainly I wanted to chime in and say that (in addition to the other
instance referenced), we found this in the NetworkManager testsuite in
Ubuntu. I didn't come up with a nice reproducer at the time, but we did
identify the same commit and we've reverted it in Ubuntu. I posted on
the ML back then but we didn't get much traction and I didn't follow up
very aggressively.


  (the commit ID referenced in the changelog there seems or from
  somewhere else, it's the same patch)


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