Am 05.10.19 um 09:54 schrieb Geert Stappers:
> Questions:
> Which version of Dnsmasq did work?  ( git bi-sect  known good)
> Which version of Dnsmasq doesn't work?  ( git bi-sect  known bad)
> In case it is stated in
>> <>
>> <>
> have the curitisy to state it here also ...

FreeBSD have been shipping 2.80 for a long time (since before
2019-07-01), if there's a mismatch in the source code and what they
quote in the Forums, it'll be easy to spot.
The thing is not that dnsmasq changed, but that FreeBSD changed and it
appears that some interface fiddling makes assumptions that were true in
11.2 but no longer hold in FreeBSD >= 11.3.

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