First time subscriber here.

I have issues with dnsmasq not working in Debian 10.1 buster. dnsmasq-base
works fine with "dns=dnsmasq" set in NetworkManager.conf (that is I can
query the upstream server and cache the dns addresses locally) but as soon
as I install dnsmasq, the network won't work. It seems like I cannot get a
DHCP lease from my router and I only receive a DHCPNAK reply instead of the
normal DHCPACK which allows me to connect to the internet.

I have tried different options set in dnsmasq.conf but even a virgin list
won't work, the network connection simply does not happen and
NetworkManager won't even register any addresses in /etc/resolv.conf, it
just leaves it blank (even when I manually set the local dns to
and the upstream to my router's address it won't work).

I was wondering if anybody could help make dnsmasq work for me, I depended
on it in Debian Stretch but now it just won't work, even if I downgrade to
stretch dnsmasq on Debian.

Thank your for any help you might provide.

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