So it is only kind of working.  I’m still seeing the following in the logs now 
Oct 14 20:06:18 dnsmasq[15781]: possible DNS-rebind attack detected:

This is with the following set:
When I specifically try to go to in a web browser though or 
do DNS lookup, I’m not seeing anything in the logs which is odd.   

On Monday, October 14, 2019, 7:51 PM, Michael <> wrote:

Someone tried it and they used the following and said it worked.  When I tried 
it, it also worked.  I have no idea why that did, but using 
/ by itself did not. 


On Monday, October 14, 2019, 6:05 PM, Michael <> wrote:

Hi Simon,

I'm using ASUS Merlin 384.13, which is compiled with dnsmasq 2.80-44-g608aa9f, 
on my router.   I have rebind protection on and want to whitelist 
"" as for some reason after 
upgrading to iOS 13 on my iOS devices that domain is getting hit very often.
I added the following to the dnsmasq.conf file, but the domain is still being 
also tried:rebind-domain-ok=/ white lists 
"" (which also has a private ip address), but not 
"".As such, this appears to 
be a bug.  I'm not sure if dnsmasq doesn't like the dashes or the fact that 
there are 4 parts to the domain.
Any idea why this isn't working?

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