The reason for this is a “default domain” entry in the Windows 7 laptop 
configuration, so it is sent by the client in the case of a missing domain. It 
was not added by dnsmasq, but by the Windows client.


On the other hand, this still resolves, because you seem to also have a “domain 
= home” in your dnsmasq config, so the “mymovies” entry working also for the 
deafult domain on the dnsmasq side. As the windows device (using dnsmasq also 
for DHCP) gets the default domain by the above entry.


I am not sure what your problem is, to me it looks like it’s configured 
correctly. If you want “.ncp” your preferred domain, set “domain = ncp” and 
only keep the first entry.





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I have these two lines in my /etc/dnsmasq.conf





Dnsmasq is running on a Pi. Also on the same LAN is my Win 7 laptop. When I 
make this request from Chrome on the laptop… http://mymovies this is what I get 
in the dnsmasq log file:

Oct 21 23:38:12 dnsmasq[19823]: query[A] mymovies.home from XX.XX.XXX.XXX

Oct 21 23:38:12 dnsmasq[19823]: config mymovies.home is


However when I make this request from Chrome http://mymovies.ncp this is what I 
get in the dnsmasq log file:

Oct 21 23:41:54 dnsmasq[19823]: query[A] mymovies.ncp from XX.XX.XXX.XXX

Oct 21 23:41:54 dnsmasq[19823]: config mymovies.ncp is


Apologies if this is a really basic question, I am a beginner with dnsmasq. Why 
is .home appended to a hostname when it is just a plain simple word without any 
domain or tld?


Thank you,



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