On 04/12/2019 13:24, Victorien Molle wrote:
> For our usage, we need to have more informations sent over D-Bus such as the 
> interface
> name, the vendor class identifier and the lease expiration time.
> Note: in order to get leases extradata be populated, we enabled this feature 
> if D-Bus
> is enabled in configuration file (this was enabled in the past only if a 
> script was
> ran on leases updates).

D-Bus has this disadvantage that the change you are proposing completely
breaks the existing D-Bus API that one may be relying on, and many D-Bus
handling libraries would be incapable of understanding both API at the time.

One solution would be to keep the old signal and also send a new signal
with the original info plus the extra, possibly in a way that allows to
add more over time (a dict ?).

(Also, this API should be documented in the file dbus/DBus-interface...)

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