Ok, let me elaborate more.

I have following setup:

Linux router server:
- OS: Ubuntu 18.04
- wide-dhcp-client on external(internet facing) nic
- dnsmasq on lan interface(hostname: router) as dns, ipv4 + ipv6 dhcp
- lan interface IPv6 configure by wide-dhcp-client, IPv4
static( via netplan
- internal domain: int.johnsiu.com(configure in dnsmasq)

Servers on LAN
- couple mac, linux machines on lan network
- all have static dhcp ipv4 from dnsmasq.
- all have ipv4 entry in router /etc/hosts

dnsmasq is able to do dns resolve for all linux machines for both ipv4 and
ipv6. eg:

ssh -4 test.int.johnsiu.com
ssh -6 test.int.johnsiu.com

However, this does not work for the router lan interface. I already did

In /etc/hosts: router

In /etc/dnsmasq.d/lan.conf, I have following lines for router:


While "ssh -4 router.int.johnsiu.com" works, "ssh -6 router.int.johnsiu.com"

Is there a way to make it happen?
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