I have a Raspberry Pi configured with two dummy interfaces in addition to the default Ethernet interface.

I have a workable configuration on the pi with unbound and NSD on the two virtual interfaces, and dnsmasq on the Ethernet and loopback interfaces.

Workable that is with this package loaded. (present default raspbian default install)

dnsmasq/stable,now2.76-5+rpt1+deb9u1 all[installed] dnsmasq- base/stable,now2.76-5+rpt1+deb9u1 armhf [installed,automatic]

and this config fragment:


This setup is fully functional and does all I ask.


I'm actually trying to run pihole-FTL on the Pi, rather than dnsmasq directly, which I'm told, includes a locally derived version of dnsmasq 2.8.

That derivative version appears to ignore the bind-interfaces directive, and thus fails to bind the name server ports, even though the specified interfaces are free.

The developers of that derivative are convinced that functionally their derivative imports 2.8 in its entirety,simply adds additional monitoring hooks.

I'm obviously not expecting assistance with the pihole-FTP but I'd really appreciate any hints of changes intentional or otherwise, that may affect the behaviour of "mainline" dnsmasq with respect its behaviour binding the wildcard interface, that may have taken place between 2.76 and 2.8 to try to understand where the change in behaviour comes from.

I'm pretty much convinced I need to build and test a mainline version of dnsmasq 2.8 from source, to localise where the issue is coming from, but I thought I'd respectfully ask here in case someone here can point me in the right direction.


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