I use dnsmasq to provide DHCP. IPv4 is working well, but I'm struggling to 
configure IPv6. I use DHCPv6 and Router Advertisements and get a /64 when 
requesting a DHCP lease, which is according to my configuration.

However: the RA contains a default route to the dnsmasq server, but the default 
gateway should be my router, which is located at another address. I have looked 
through the documentation carefully, but cannot find any way to supply my own 
default gateway to RAs.

Although I am aware that DHCPv6 is not in charge of supplying the default 
gateway, I set 'dhcp-option=option6:router' as a test, but dnsmasq refused to 
start up afterwards.

Question: how do I configure dnsmasq to supply a user-specified default gateway 
address in RAs?

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