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> Hello everybody,

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Hoi Jelle,

> I have a setup with wireguard vpn clients that sadly need a static IP.
> I got a script running to detect if the host is connected.
> I want to tell dnsmasq the IP of the host so I can use the dns resolve of
> dnsmasq as kind of lease.
> Then when dnsmasq provides a DHCP IP to this host it should overwrite the IP
> again that was manually injected in dnsmasq.
> So I do want it to work as a IP lease but let it rotate between the last
> active IP (DHCP from dnsmasq or static IP from wireguard).
> Any sane way of doing this?

Frankly, I can't picture the network we are talking about.
Three or four devices are involved:
 * Server running dnsmasq being a DHCP server
 * a client on the same LAN as dnmasq
 * probably a router
 * Wireguard device being a "VPN server", presumably called "the host"

I'm lost.

Isn't this "what / where define the DNS to used by VPN client?" ?

Geert Stappers
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