I was attempting to post a question to your board.  I'm not clear if I was
successful in logging in or not.  However, I will post the question to this
email.  Hopefully this will be a reasonable format for asking the question.

The question:

I have configured a Raspberry Pi 4 with a LAMP stack and a Wordpress
website.  Unfortunately after the site was successfully published, I
realized that I was unable to access the website from the public side.  I
was able to view the website from within my local network.

I set up Port Forwarding successfully and established a static IP address
for Raspberry Pi.  I am asking this question to determine if the dnsmasq
application may help me solve this problem.  I realize there are a number
of "tunneling" solutions, however I am looking for a solution that will
allow visitors to type in the public WWW url address and view the website.
It is important that public visitors can access the website from the
"normal" URL address.

Thank you!

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