I am running dnsmasq on a multiple port box. Following are dhcp config for
the lan and dmz ports:


## LAN
dhcp-range=tag:lan,::1,constructor:lan,ra-names,72h # IPv6
dhcp-range=tag:lan,,,72h # IPv4
dhcp-option=tag:lan,option:router, # option 3 default gw

## DMZ
dhcp-range=tag:dmz,::1,constructor:dmz,ra-names,72h # IPv6
dhcp-range=tag:dmz,,,72h # IPv4
dhcp-option=tag:dmz,option:router, # option 3 default gw


They work correctly for network connected to those ports. However, I am
having issue with the switch which connect to both dmz and lan ports with
different VLANs. As those VLAN ports share the same mac address, sometimes
the switch will pick up IP from the lan side, and sometimes from the dmz

How can I make dnsmasq only serve IP on the lan side for this specific mac

Thank you!
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