On 15/04/2020 19:27, Josh H wrote:

> It's difficult for me to share the config outright as I'm using a
> modified version of netkit that I've updated to a much newer kernel
> - http://netkit-ng.github.io/. The netkit version that is available on
> that link is the one that worked with dnsmasq just fine, and that
> version was 2.62 and kernel 3.2. However I've updated it and am running
> 2.80 and kernel 5.6. 
> Anything else I can provide you with that might help? It's a very unique
> setup so I appreciate  it's probably not the easiest thing to try and
> debug. 

First, answer a simple question the answer to which I may have missed.
Is dnsmasq logging the receipt of DHCPDISCOVER messages? Can we see the
whole log showing that?

The next stage is to run dnsmasq under strace (check back here if you
need instructions on that) and see what system calls it's making.


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