Hi all
I've been using DNSMASQ for some time now and all has been well. However, since 
playing with a few IOT devices I've discovered an anomaly.  Can anyone help to 
provide some assistance with the following?

A server is allocated a fixed IP address from DHCP and a dynamic DNS 'A' record 
is made in the DNS DB - e.g. Server1.at-home -->

I've now implemented IOT and added a fixed DNS 'A' record for a MQTT server - 
e.g. MQTTBroker.at-home --> (same as above) - to allow me to move 
the MQTT server to other locations without having to reconfigure all the IOT 
devices to point at the new server name.  All is well so far.

Now if I do the following:
'nslookup server1.at-home', it resolves the IP address as I'd 
'nslookup MQTTBroker.at-home', it resolves the IP address as I'd 
'nslookup', it resolves the name of MQTTBroker.at-home, not 
Server1.at-home as I wanted.    Hmmm!!!

Is this as designed or is it just bad luck on my part as to which name is 
returned by the DNSMASQ?
Is there any configuration setting that can be made to control which name takes 
preference? If not, can a mechanism/feature be added, such as a priority system 
as to which is preferred.?

Your Hopefully

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