On 6/3/2020 8:22 PM, John Knight wrote:

I am trying to understand how dnsmasq works and is configured for use in a 
multi-wan environment, where there are two networks/interfaces, one for 
internet access (public) and one for a management network (private).

In my router, the default route points to the data network.  There is no static 
route to access the management network.  What I want to do is establish a 
static route to the ACS server on the management network; all I have for the 
ACS Server is a URL.  The ACS server would NOT be in the dns database on the 
data network side, but as I understand it would be in the dns database on the 
management network... this is done for security reasons.  I need DNS to resolve 
the name in the URL to its IP Address.

My question is how does dnsmasq locate the upstream dns servers on the two 
different wan interfaces??  How does it know which interfaces it should use?  
Is there some configuration I should have to tell dnsmasq to also use the 
management wan interface to find upstream dns?  Since the default route points 
to the data network's wan interface, any upstream traffic sent by dnsmasq will 
go out the data network's wan interface by default... how would dnsmasq send to 
upstream dns server on management wan interface?  How does the routing occur to 
the management wan interface?

We have a working dnsmasq configuration for a single wan environment... what I 
am hoping to learn is what needs to be done to our configuration of dnsmasq to 
make it also work in multi-wan environment... and of course, if I can learn a 
little on how it works in this environment, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for your help with this,

Unless I'm missing something, most of your questions are deeling with
the DHCP client and not with Dnsmasq per say.

John Doe

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