I run DHCP/DNS using dnsmasq in three different sites. Each site has a
domain a|b|c.int.personal.com. Each site has:

server=/other.int.personal.com/<ip of other.int.personal.com.dnsmasq>
rev-server=<other.int.personal.com.dhcp.range>,<ip of

for the other two sites. This works beautifully :)

However, when I jump on work's VPN on my a site, nmcli prints:

DNS configuration:
        servers: work dns servers
        domains: work.com
        interface: tun0
        type: vpn

        servers: my dns server
        domains: a.int.personal.com
        interface: wlp0s20f3

Which works pretty well; I can resolve hosts on *.work.com and *.
a.int.personal.com perfectly. However, NetworkManager assigns the same
priority to both connection's DNS servers for hostnames outside *.work.com
and *.a.int.personal.com, such as *.b.int.personal.com, which means I can
sometimes resolve them, and sometimes not.

Is there any way to configure dnsmasq to "advertise" that the DNS server it
provides via DHCP should also be used for *.b|c.internal.personal.com
hostnames? man dnsmasq says...

       -s, --domain=<domain>[,<address range>[,local]]
              Specifies DNS domains for the DHCP server....

but it is not clear to me how to specify multiple domains here or even if
this is the option I want.


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