Am Mon, 8 Jun 2020 18:18:16 +0200
schrieb Bruno BEAUFILS <>:

> am I struggling with some kind of bug?

The behavior you are seen is caused by the fact that DHCP is an overly 
complicated crap protocol. To get this fixed quickly, remove the lease both 
from the client file-system and from the dnsmasq lease database.

One would think that an assignment of an IP to a MAC in the configuration file 
must be the authoritative source of knowledge about the local network, and the 
server must just serve that knowledge no matter what. But both ISC dhcpd and 
dnsmasq rather do what the client is asking for, instead of following the rules 
of the network admin.

dnsmasq has the "dhcp-authoritative" option, which at a first glance sounds 
like the right knob to override such weird behavior. But reading the 
description, it may also not do what you are asking for.

Good luck.


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