Greetings. Based on the recent discussion on the DNSOP mailing list (noting 
again that this is not a WG work item!), I have updated 
draft-hoffman-dns-in-json. I still plan to send this to the ISE for 
Experimental in about two weeks, and am happy to make more changes before then 
(or after, based on the ISE review).

--Paul Hoffman

> A new version of I-D, draft-hoffman-dns-in-json-08.txt
> has been successfully submitted by Paul Hoffman and posted to the
> IETF repository.
> Name:         draft-hoffman-dns-in-json
> Revision:     08
> Title:                Representing DNS Messages in JSON
> Document date:        2016-09-21
> Group:                Individual Submission
> Pages:                13
> URL:            
> Status:
> Htmlized:
> Diff: 
> Abstract:
>   Some applications use DNS messages, or parts of DNS messages, as
>   data.  For example, a system that captures DNS queries and responses
>   might want to be able to easily search those without having to decode
>   the messages each time.  Another example is a system that puts
>   together DNS queries and responses from message parts.  This document
>   describes a standardized format for DNS message data in JSON.

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