On 28/11/2016 20:57, Robert Edmonds wrote:
Paul Hoffman wrote:
On 1 Nov 2016, at 10:54, Philip Homburg wrote:

I find it hard to believe that after compression, the BSON encoded
version of the DNS data would be a lot smaller than just the
raw DNS data.

Please note the use case in the draft: they don't want to burden the CPU of
the box with compressing with gzip, bzip, and so on.

This draft compares lz4 vs gzip vs xz. If minimizing CPU usage is a
concern, I'd be curious to see zstd (http://zstd.net/) added to the set
of compressors being compared. I've found that zstd is often capable of
beating gzip's compression ratio while consuming much less CPU.

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll look at adding zstd - and possibly Snappy too - in a future draft revision. Initially I'll probably want to look at compression ratios; I'm wondering if one may turn out hit a particularly sweet spot when working on a C-DNS corpus.
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