On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 03:36:24PM -0700, Dave Crocker wrote:

> deal with that fully, in a single spec produced an especially confused
> draft, roughly 10 years ago.

I _think_ I may be one of the people who complained at the time, and
if I recall correctly what Dave and I agreed about (maybe the only
thing) was that this was all a terrible mess that needed repair.  At
the time, I was still too much in thrall to data-theoretic approaches
to give in on Dave's pragmatic answer.  And I now see that Dave has
actually described better than I was ever able my objection:

> I've come to the conclusion that "accommodating" the established
> registration practices is a fundamentally wrong path.  The only way to solve
> a problem of multiple registration authorities is to create a single
> registration authority.


>    1. Have this document define the simple, sole, authoritative mechanism
> for registering "top-level" (global scope) underscore names.
>    2. Create a separate document that specifies modifications to the SRV and
> URI documents, rationalizing the use of underscore names, through the
> mechanism defined in -attrleaf-.

I like this approach.

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Andrew Sullivan

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