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> On Feb 4, 2018, at 9:49 PM, Mark Andrews <ma...@isc.org> wrote:
>> We may as well ban www.example because that can return as well. :-)
> www.example.com is never presumed to be local.

And localhost.example.com isn’t local either.  The problem is that either of 
can be a non-global scope address.

The original problem is that HTTP doesn’t specify that names learn across the
wire, including from on disk html files, need to be treated as absolute names.
This is HTTP’s mess due to allowing relative names in what is transmitted over
the wire.  This should be sent back to HTTP say FIX YOUR INSECURE PROTOCOL.

The second bugtraq issue is also HTTP’s insecure security model that doesn’t
take into account that addresses have scopes.  Again that is for HTTP to fix.

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