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> On 12 Mar 2018, at 11:58, Roland Bracewell Shoemaker <
> rol...@letsencrypt.org> wrote:
> > After a number of discussions I’m interested in returning to the
> original concept as it simplifies a number of use cases that this document
> is intended to support but am still not sure whether or not this would be
> widely considered ‘ok’ by DNS folks. Obviously it’s entirely possible to do
> this as these child zones are delegated to users and they _can_ put
> whatever they want in them. Does this WG have strong opinions on whether we
> should/shouldn’t do this for technical reasons or we just being a bit too
> strict in our reading of 3172?
> I think that if Tony can be d...@dotat.at, surely I can be
> jab...@90.212.199.in-addr.arpa.
> A zone is a zone. ARPA is only special by convention, not by protocol.
> ^^ Joe spoke the truth

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