On 06/11/2018 17:58, Matthijs Mekking wrote:

That's the crux: A solution that depends on upgrading the resolvers is considered not a (fast enough) deployable solution.

The HTTP record does not depend on resolvers being upgraded. If the browser vendors implement the client side, it's not required.

Once they do fully implement it by serving the A and AAAA records from cache, then it'll be fast, too.

That's why I like ANAME: It allows you to do CNAME-at-the-APEX processing without requiring resolvers to be updated, however resolvers can implement ANAME to optimize the behavior.

Also the ANAME in its current form does not require (but also does not prevent) the resolution to take place inside the name server, it can be a simple script that is part of your zone provisioning.

I think Tony Finch was suggesting that you could also do that with "HTTP".


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