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> The component doesn't even need to be on the same machine as the DNS server 
> if you're using the 'next' branch of fstrm, which has TCP support, though 
> BIND would probably need to be updated to allow configuring an fstrm TCP 
> writer.

Sweet, I should have a look at that!

> This is definitely one of the use cases I had in mind as something that 
> dnstap could support, with the right glue utilities, but nowadays I wonder if 
> the "keeping a standby cache hot" use case wouldn't best be served by 
> existing functionality in dnsdist, if you're using dnsdist to front your 
> recursive servers?

We aren’t - dnsdist is undeniably cool, but I am a bit reluctant to have two 
layers of health checks / failover when one layer does the job, and we don’t 
have the amount of traffic or level of abuse that would make it compelling. I 
quite like being able to implement an optional extra like this off the critical 
path, so any breakage is decoupled from the main job of serving queries.

> The only advice I can offer would be to watch out for Protocol Buffers v2 
> versus Protocol Buffers v3 compatibility issues. dnstap was designed using 
> the Protocol Buffers v2 language, and v3 removes some v2 functionality that 
> the dnstap schema uses.

I think the more interesting Lua implementations are plugins to protoc, which I 
hope means they will work OK!

> One of the cool things about Frame Streams is that it's strongly layered to 
> the point that it doesn't care what is actually in the payloads that it 
> transports (other than carrying a "content type" for the user to describe the 
> type of payloads carried in the stream), so if you don't actually need to 
> edit or consume the dnstap protobuf payloads, you could certainly write a 
> fanout utility in Lua without needing a protobuf dependency at all. Though 
> for replaying, you would certainly need to deserialize each payload to 
> extract the query messages.

Oh, right, I was vaguely aware of this layering but I thought the 
client/resolver/etc. query/response tag was in the protobuf blob rather than 
the fstrm metadata (it’s described in the dnstap.proto file) which would imply 
even a simple dnstap filter needs to know about protobuf...

Thanks for the tips about code to look at!

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