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If you are in Brisbane, be sure to join us on November 19.

Steven Clift

P.S. My wife and I are going to be taking a real vacation in Noosa,
Sydney, and Melbourne after Nov. 20. It is always great to say hello
to DoWire members even if I am off the clock ... particularly if we
can include a stroll past an area landmark or share a meal along the

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Big thanks to the J-School at the University of Queensland for
arranging this public event.  The E-Democracy.Org model for local
online forums is starting to spread <http://e-democracy.org/uk>.
us if you'd like explore global e-democracy trends combined with
for how to solid ideas in your community.

Steven Clift
P.S. If you plan to make it to the Happy Hour, please drop me a note

Invitation to the the E-democracy Workshop with Steven Clift, founder
of E-democracy.

"Empowering local communities using e-democracy best practices"

    Friday, November the 19th, 2:30 to 4:30 pm.
    School of Journalism and Communication
    Hood St, the University of Queensland, St Lucia.
    then Happy hour afterwards
    Plough-Inn cafe-Bar, Southbank, 6:30-7:30pm
    RSVP, Enquiries: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

E-democracy makes use of technology to engage citizens, government
bodies, community groups, public figures, business and the media in
online democratic discussions related to national, state and local
issues. Communities all over the world are using e-democracy tools,
giving a voice to citizens, and building bridges between different
sectors of the community.

The founder of E-Democracy, Steven Clift is visiting Australia to
support and commitment from local citizens or groups interested in
founding e-democracy sites within their local communities.

Steven will be in Brisbane on Friday, November the 19th. He will be
presenting on global best practices in e-democracy for empowering
local communities through citizen-led online forums and initiatives.
The workshop will help kick-start an e-democracy site and involvement
in Brisbane.

E-democracy allows people from all sectors of the community to debate
issues of policy and decision-making without fear or favour. It is a
powerful tool for upholding democracy, because expert opinion and
“inside-information” can be made public. While current media
often promote shallow and one-sided debate, e-democracy allows for
many sides of an issue to be proclaimed and debated. E- democracy
provides a future for democracy in our world.


For further information, take a look at:

·        Democracies Online Newswire http://www.dowire.org Over 2700
people around the world exchanging announcements, news, and articles
related to e-democracy, e-government, and e-politics.
·        E-democracy Resources Flyer
http://publicus.net/articles/edemresources.html Links to the top e-
democracy starting points on a two page flyer available in HTML,
and PDF.
·        http://www.publicus.net More articles and
presentations by Steven Clift

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