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Electofix (http://www.electofix.de) is a social experiment in the 
political arena leading up to the German general elections on 
September 18, 2005.  The website, consisting of a weblog and a wiki 
(http://www.electofix.de/wiki/), is aimed at helping voters make 
better-informed decisions through collaborative fact-checking of the 
contesting parties' statements.  For instance, users can submit 
questionable quotes and exchange links to either confirming or 
disproving sources.  Users can also build an annotated list of 
weblogs covering the elections.

Electofix is the brainchild of Tim Bonnemann, a German native who 
recently moved from Germany to Silicon Valley, CA (USA).

"I am interested in the use of social software as a filter to cut 
through all the nonsense which you can surely expect to hear in a 
high-profile election such as this one.  My goal with Electofix is to 

help 'bubble up' the participants' collective wisdom."

Electofix is currently looking for participants and volunteers.  To 
find out more, just contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Tim Bonnemann
San Jose, CA 95138 (USA)
Cell: +1 (408) 627 0700
Web: http://www.plansphere.com/blog/
MSN/Y!/AIM: planspark
ICQ: 247993557
Skype: plansphere
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/e/fps/48944/

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