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If you know of other interesting attempts to use Internet innovations in
politics, drop me a note <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  The key is to build up
knowledge that helps us understand what tools and techniques are best at
helping us achieve specific democratic goals.  The days of assuming that
the Internet will change politics as we know it because of generic
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Here's an interesting idea we're trying in NYC: a viral email campaign
to get people registered to vote and signed up for an Election Day
alert telling them where their polling station is.  Simple, and
hopefully effective.  Note, it only works for residents of NYC, but
the it could potentially be deployed anywhere for any election.

Scott Reents

For Immediate Release

Contact: Michael Weiksner, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
e the People, 212-651-9259

Are You Registered to Vote or Not?  Two New York Nonprofits Launch
Internet Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign


New York, August 15, 2001.  e the People and SavvyVoter announced the
launch of a new online service to help New Yorkers get to the polls
for this fall’s municipal elections. RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com
(http://www.RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com) allows New Yorkers to learn if
they are registered to vote, where they can vote, and what candidates
are on the ballot in their district.

“Less than one-quarter of New Yorkers voted in the last municipal
election,” said Ted Kheel who funds SavvyVoter together with George
Soros’s Open Society Institute, “We think RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com
will help reduce the confusion and lack of knowledge that keeps many
people from the polls.”

Visitors to RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com can find out if they are
registered to vote by entering their last name and birthday.  If they
are not registered, the site provides them with a printable
registration form to send in.  If they are registered, the site allows
them to sign up for an email alert to be sent on Primary and Election
Day with detailed instructions on when, where and how to vote.

In both cases, RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com allows visitors to start and
monitor the success of their own get-out-the-vote-campaign, by
entering email addresses of friends and family whom they would like to
encourage to vote.

“RegisteredToVoteOrNot.com is a simple but powerful combination of
Internet technology and public data,” said Michael Weiksner, Chairman
of e the People.  “It’s a grassroots campaign to get every New Yorker
with an email address registered and signed up to receive a reminder
to vote on Election Day.”

The site launched August 14, just in time for the registration
deadline for the primaries, which is August 17th.

SavvyVoter (http://www.savvyvoter.org) is a nonpartisan election forum
and information resource for New York City. It covers every race
pertaining to New York City residents and gives all candidates an
equal opportunity to communicate their positions free of charge.
Citizens use the forum to compare candidates, discuss races and
issues, and become active in the political process.

SavvyVoter is project of the Earth Pledge Foundation.  Partners
include the League of Women Voters Education Fund’s DemocracyNet, the
Brooklyn, New York, and Queens public libraries, and
GothamGazette.com. SavvyVoter was started in 1998 and is funded by the
Open Society Institute and TASK Foundation.

e the People (http://www.e-thepeople.org) is a charitable organization
seeking to improve civic participation through Internet technologies.
e thePeople was started in 1998 and is funded through the support of
individual and foundation contributors, including the William and
Flora Hewlett Foundation.

e the People operates a network of digital town halls in partnership
with over 1,000 local media properties, including The New York Daily
News, the Houston Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, and the Chicago


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