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Report - Balanced E-Government

>> The Bertelsmann Foundation has conducted an international study to
identify criteria of success for outstandig eGovernment performance
in local and governmental administration. The research is meant to
provide, for one, a solid basis for a forward-looking definition of
what constitutes "good eGovernment". The second objective of the
study is to outline the elements of a strategy both for
administrators and the private sector on how to put electronic
service delivery and the promises of digital democracy into practise.

>> To this end, several steps were undertaken:

First, we compiled a long list of promising online practises,
consisting of virtual town halls, regional online sites, government
services, and non-government web activities.

>From this long list, we eventually selected 12 pacesetters for our
empirical study. Simultaneously, we developed an integrated concept
of "Balanced eGovernment" which combines electronic government proper
(i.e., administrative online services for both citizens and other
"customers") with the notion of eDemocracy (which encompasses the
net´s potential for civic participation and better information for

In a third step, we elaborated a "Balanced eGovernment Scorecard", or
BEGIX, as an indicator for the current level of those eGovernment
services under examination. On that basis, we eventually set out to
analyze the international good practises in different countries by
means of desk research and in-depth interviews.

>> The results of the research, which was conducted in cooperation
with Booz, Allen, Hamilton, are summarized in the study "Balanced
eGovernment - Connecting Efficient Administration and Responsive
Democracy". The full documentation of the study will be published in
a book later this year.

Download of the report in PDF-format
Order of a printed version
Background information of the methodology applied
>> If you have any further questions concerning the project of the
Bertelsmann Foundation or the study please send an email to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] or call: +49 (0) 5241 - 8181 116

Table of Contents:


3 The Internet Challenge

4 Approach: integrated e-government

6 Methodology applied in the study:
Balanced scorecard and “Begix”

8 Dimensions of e-government –
Results of the study
- benefits
- efficiency
- participation
- transparency
- change management

13 Conclusions

14 Recommended action for
balanced e-Government

18 The best-practice models:
An overview of e-government
services selected

23 Imprint

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