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Application contact information at the bottom.

This is great to see - an "online moderators" training course in the
UK.  Since the course is online-based, I assume that if you can pay
the tuition and are accepted in the course, folks from anywhere can
build their online facilitation skills.

In the U.S., E-Democracy worked with the National Civic League to
develop a grant proposal for a "Building the Online Commons Training
Program." The proposal combines online facilitation training with
practical efforts to establish local community e-lists based on our
successful model.  September 11 knocked us off of our fund raising
path, but in Winona <http://onlinedemocracy.winona.org/training.html>
the idea was adapted to build the facilitation skills of

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

From:   "Irving Rappaport" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject:        Hansard Society E-Moderators course details
Date sent:      Wed, 5 Jun 2002 15:40:39 +0100

 E-Moderators Training Course
(from the Hansard Society and the Open University)

Government, Parliament, local councils, the media, business and the
voluntary sector are increasingly eager to hear what people have to
say on matters of public policy.  The internet makes it much easier
for there to be two-way communication between the public on the one
hand and decision makers and politicians on the other.  But in order
for this to be a meaningful and civilised interaction there is a need
for well trained online moderators (or 'e-moderators') who can
facilitate the discussion so that people can -

  a.. hear all sides of a political issue
  b.. express their points of view and respond to those of others
  c.. know that they are being listened to by politicians and/or
decision makers
  d.. know that their opinions will be taken into account

This course,  the first of its kind in the UK, is being offered by
the Hansard Society (http://www.hansardsociety.org.uk) in association
with Dr Gilly Salmon of the Open University.  It will provide an
opportunity to acquire these essential online moderation skills.

The course will be run entirely through the internet and uses a tried
and tested training model already successfully deployed to train
thousands of online teachers from many professional backgrounds and
many parts of the world.  Now you will be able to learn how to apply
these techniques to online consultation and deliberation.

The training programme will require you to devote some 5 hours per
week online over a 5 week period at times to suit your schedule
(about 25 online hours in total). Groups of 20 participants will work
together asynchronously to develop the basic skills and experience to
become qualified e-moderators. A minimum of 30 minutes online at any
time each day is recommended to enable you to stay in touch with your
tutor and fellow participants. An e-moderation certificate will be
awarded by the Hansard Society to those completing the course.

The anticipated demand for trained e-moderators is expected to grow
significantly in the very near future. All holders of this unique
qualification will be given the option of having their names
published on the Hansard Society website and made available to
organisations requiring these skills.

Prerequisites are:

         good keyboard skills

         excellent communication and literacy skills

         ability to follow text based discussion online

         regular, fast access to the internet

         interest in the challenge of participating in online

         knowledge and experience of democracy

         determination and motivation to become an e-moderator

         willingness to suspend your own opinions and adopt a
politically impartial role

The first course commences 20th September 2002 and will cost 495
plus VAT

To request further details please email [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the
subject heading 'Application
for e-moderator course'.  If you wish to apply now, please attach a
cv (no more than 2 pages as a Word file) and a brief letter
explaining your interest and suitability for the course.

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