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Their use of text-messaging apparently went off exceeding well. - SLC


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Text for Trade Justice
Biggest ever mass lobby of Parliament, Wednesday 19 June 2002

MPs will face a barrage of bleeps as thousands of trade justice
campaigners descend on Westminster on 19 June. The campaigners will be
linked up to each other by a revolutionary new mobile phone texting system
as they lobby their MPs for fairer trade rules.

The aid agency CAFOD is pioneering the use of SMS technology on behalf of
the Trade Justice Movement, a new grouping of around 50 aid agencies,
environment groups and campaigning groups. More than 10,000 people are
expected to join the lobby with everyone attending being invited to sign
up to receive text updates on their phone in the run-up and on the day.

The text messages will include latest updates, quotes from celebrity sup
porters such as Radiohead, statistics on how many MPs have been lobbied,
and an interactive competition. People can sign up to the service simply
by texting the letters 'tj' to 07970 378875.

With the queue of people waiting to see their MP expected to extend over
the River Thames, it could prove an invaluable way of keeping in touch
with supporters on the day.

"My hope is that we will hear thousands of phones bleeping at once as our
messages go out," said Nick Buxton, Website Development Manager at CAFOD.
"34 million people in the UK now have a mobile phone - SMS has massive
untapped potential for campaigners as we can communicate with our
activists directly wherever they are. New communications technology like
SMS and the web have a crucial role to play in furthering our goals of a
fairer world for all."

There will also be virtual newsroom on the Trade Justice Movement website,
with updates, personal diaries, pictures and video clips of the day being
uploaded as events take place.

For further information contact:
Sarah Finch, Trade Justice Movement 07870 823485

Patrick Nicholson, CAFOD 020 7326 5559 mobile 07867 908720

Notes for Editors:

1. The texting technology is being powered with the support of Brand2hand
( http://www.brand2hand.com ). Texting has been an integral part of
CAFOD's youth fundraising scheme, Fast Track,( http://www.fsttrk.org )
which will focus on the work of CAFOD's partners in Africa, using sport to
help young people caught up in war to get back on track.

2. The Trade Justice Movement is a fast growing group of organisations
including aid agencies, environment and human rights campaigns, fairtrade
organisations, faith and consumer groups (

3. Texting Facts:

The average daily number of messages sent in the UK is 45 million, which
represents approximately one message per person every day.
The number of New Year text messages sent between midnight and 4am was 64
million, approximately double the number sent in the same period in 2001.
1% of UK subscribers have proposed marriage by text. (Source:

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