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I asked Lars to send along an announcement about his just released
PhD dissertation.  The English abstract and summary make it quite
accessible and worth a read.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online
P.S. Speaking of Sweden, would anyone like to put together a quick
summary of the high and lowlights of your recent elections and the
Internet.  Anything new?  Anything interesting?

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From:                   "Lars Ilshammar" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject:                Front report 2.0

The public sphere in Sweden has in fact deteriorated during a period
rapid technological and political change, when increasing attention
has been
given to information technology as a new tool for improving democracy
empowering citizens.

These are among the more important finding in a new dissertation by
Ilshammar, PhD-student in contemporary history at the University of
Sweden, and presented in the beginning of June.

Ilshammar describes the transformation of the public sphere in Sweden
the period 1969-1999, and analyses the role of information technology
politics in the process, with special attention to the legal system
and the
technical infrastructure.

The English title of the dissertation is: "The New Public Sphere:
and Politics in Sweden 1969-1999". The full text (with an abstract
and a
summary in English) can be downloaded in PDF-format from:

Ilshammar is now taking over the position as director of the DemocrIT
research programme at the same university, while media professor Stig-
Nohrstedt remains in the position as scientific head.
The DemocrIT programme will give a PhD-course on the Network Society
this fall. The course is open to PhD-student in all the Nordic
Interested students can get in contact with:
More information about the course and about DemocrIT can be found on
website: http://www.democrit.org

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