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I am looking for examples and lessons related to government-
led/facilitated/funded online information exchange projects (i.e.
online discussions, portals with distributed submission/editorial).
Think of this as e-democracy on the _output_ side of governance.

In particular, I am interested in efforts that are designed to help a
government organization better implement an established public
policy/goal with the participation of other governments, NGOs, and
interested citizens.  I am also interested in online platforms used
inter-governmentally for structured information exchange even if they
are closed to outside stakeholders.

Some leading examples that I know of where governments/IGOs are taking
facilitative lead role include:

CommunityBuilders NSW - Links, Discussion

Minneapolis Downtown Command - Community Policing E-List

OneFish.Org (UN FAO lead) - Community Portal, Virtual Offices

Development Gateway (An NGO crafted by the World Bank)

If you are aware of important working examples (small and successful
is better than large and dead), please drop me a note:


I may use your submission in a short paper I am writing for the
OECD's Project on the Impact of E-Government.  At some point I will
also be able to share that paper with DO-WIRE members.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

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