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Below is a note I received from <http://www.eblockwatch.co.za>.
Unlike the Minneapolis example
<http://www.mail-archive.com/do-wire@;tc.umn.edu/msg00469.html>, this
appears to be a more commercial effort.  Their integration of e-mail
and SMS looks to be quite innovative. Will their economics work?
Don't know, but this is something to watch.

One similar project doing "public work" privately which has gathered
significant corporate support and government involvement is Earth911
<http://www.earth911.org>. As I understand it, it is a "public
service," but not a legal non-profit. Note that lots of governments
enter information into this distributed system
<http://www.earth911.org/public.asp> (what's I think FirstGov should
allow for all governments across the U.S.).

Steven Clift
Democracies Online Newswire


• eBlockwatch is creating a network of members throughout South
Africa, who can communicate via a central call centre using SMS's and
Emails to alert members of criminal activities taking place in their
immediate vicinity.
• eBlockwatch wants to create a network so large that very little
criminal activity can take place without a witness.
• eBlockwatch wants to link security cells already in existence
making a unified and organized attack on criminals in South Africa.
• eBlockwatch believes that by warning members of impending danger it
takes away the element of surprise that a criminal needs to be
• eBlockwatch believes that by creating a network of members, it will
create a united front and this will intimidate criminals.
• eBlockwatch believes creating a network of members increases the
chances of catching the criminal.
• eBlockwatch believes that the Government does not have the power to
reduce crime without the total involvement of the community.
• eBlockwatch believes that no war, rugby match, campaign has ever
been won without a communication. Maybe the bokke also need

Please fill in every incident reported on the web site - this
contributes to the official database of criminals and crime
committed. Remember, the more information you give when reporting an
incident, the more chance there is of the culprit being caught.

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From:                   Andre Snyman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To:                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date sent:              Tue, 05 Nov 2002 17:21:04 +0200
Subject:                eblockwatch


You like a tame Impala in the Kruger Park, without it! Get street

A crime prevention project networking regions and industries together
using sms
messages and emails to forewarn each other of impending dangers.
This project has netted a few hijackers, murderers and retrieved
hijacked goods.

What kind of alerts has been sent out?

1.      “Beware of hijackers at schools in your area hijacking ladies
waiting for
their kids.”
2.      “Beware of white Toyota black windows hijacking at driveways in
between 6-10 pm “
3.      'Four filling stations targeted in Pretoria by Green Nissan Bakkie
with white
4.      'Computer thief smarty dressed Indian Man walking into hotels and
laptops in Sandton”
5.      'Strange man lurking outside girls hostel in Brooklyn”
6.      'Truck load of tyres hijacked at Stormvoel off ramp now 4pm.
Maxiprest truck”
7.      'Man posing as Telkom tech driving Blue Honda attacking ladies in
their home
in Sunnyside”
8.      etc.etc.



How it works.

1.      You register on our website www.eblockwatch.co.za  sponsored by
Data, and you automatically become a member. FREE
2.      Eblockwatch has a call centre sponsored by Exact Mobile who
receive crime
alerts from eblockwatch members throughout South Africa.(So you are
now looked
after by every one in the country)
3.      Nedcor Forensic Protection Services capture the data and create a
of the incident. Their computers analyze the data and inform
eblockwatch call
centre of any similar criminal activates that have taken place, where
when and
by whom.
4.      Eblockwatch sends out crime alerts by email and sms's (sms's cost
money so
you buy those from exact mobile, if you wish, but emails are free)to
the area
or industry affected by the incident.
5.      All members in the Town or suburb and members of the Industry in
the Province
will be alerted and can the take precautions.
6.      Crime fighters in the effected area are put on red alert.

Which area and industry are we targeting first and why?

1.      Fuel Industry-All cars used or stolen end up at a filling station.
2.      Transport Companies.-They are vulnerable and also help establish a
on our roads.
3.      Banks- They have the most up to date computer technology, security
and information systems.
4.      Pretoria – Most of eblockwatch members and active crime fighters
are registered
in this area. Police, Flying squad, security companies.
5.      Tollgates- Fast foods , Supermarkets ,Tyre Dealers ,etc.
6.      Pretoria – We are looking after the Embassies to help create a
positive image
to the rest of the world.
7.      Tourism-Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Lodges to keep our guest Safe.

Who are involved?
1.      The South African Police.
2.      The Nedcor Forensic Protection Services. (Investigating all bank
and ATM robberies.)
3.      Exact Mobile handling all SMS'S and call centre.
4.      Dimension Data, IS Solutions supplying the server and hardware.
5.      Security companies and sections of the SAPS Flying squad.
6.      Over 9000 eblockwatch members through out South Africa.

------- End of forwarded message -------
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