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ARISE Email Discussions

During the months of October, November, and December, ARISE will be
holding a series of email based discussions on various ICT topics.
These discussions will be held with the goal of utilizing our network
of African professionals to discuss the key issues in building the
Information Society in Africa and to produce an African Research
Agenda for the Information Society.

An added benefit of the email discussions is their link with the
proposed Acacia ICT Research and Development Grants Programme. Like
ARISE, this programme is to be funded by the Canadian International
Development Research Centre (IDRC). The purpose of the Research
Grants Programme will be to help African researchers to build a body
of knowledge on the effects of ICTs on the social and economic
development and technological innovation within their communities.
The grants will provide researchers with grants of up to C$20,000 to
perform original research on these topics. The ARISE email
discussions will serve as an opportunity to raise issues that could
warrant further exploration through these research grants.

The following table outlines the seven discussion topics, their
facilitators and when each discussion will occur.

    Week  of         Discussion Topic and Facilitator

            Oct. 28th         ICTs and Governance: Alison Gillwald

            Nov. 4th           ICT Infrastructure: Mike Jensen

            Nov. 11th         E-Government: Lucienne Abrahams

            Nov. 18th         ICTs and Employment: Charley Lewis

            Nov. 25th         ICTs and Small Business: Muriuki

            Dec. 2nd          ICTs and Rural Services: Peter Benjamin

            Dec. 9th          ICTs and Gender: Natasha Primo

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to informative and
exciting discussions.

The discussion on E-Government is underway, which will be followed
next week by the discussion starting on the 18th November on ICT's a
Employment facilitated by Charley Lewis.

For information about the discussions and how to join them please
contact Sean Kane at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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