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What sites do you follow for conference links related to e-democracy,
e-government, Internet and society etc.?

Back in 1993 Art McGee (a current DO-WIRE member) helped introduce me
to dozens of e-lists with civic-minded Internet users.  Some history:
We need these types of topical lists of lists to re-emerge or online
peer to peer networking will remain a faction of its real potential.

I failed to finish work on a "Guide to Good Networking" a few years
ago, anyone want to finish it? Outdated and finally online today

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

For conference site links based on this excellent list see:

NPO/NGO Media & Technology Calendar
Compiled by Art McGee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Last Updated: 11/19/02 - 09:34pm PST

United Nations Centre for Regional Development:
E-Workshop on ICTs and Development
World Wide Web, Internet, Cyberspace
November 11-December 13, 2002

World-Information.Org Exhibition and Conference
November 15-December 15, 2002
De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Computer Supported Cooperative Work
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
November 16-20, 2002

International Association of Science and Technology for Development:
Information and Knowledge Sharing
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States
November 18-20, 2002

American Society for Information Science and Technology:
Information, Connections, and Community
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
November 18-21, 2002

Association for Computing Machinery:
Computer and Communications Security
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
November 18-22, 2002

Circuit Riders/N-TEN Regional Conference
Boston, Massachussetts, United States
November 19-20, 2002

The New Gatekeepers:
Free Expression in the Arts
New York, New York, United States
November 20-21, 2002

Media and Conflict Management in West Africa:
Media, Conflicts, and Transformations
Banjul, Gambia
November 20-22, 2002

Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
November 21, 2002

Fibreculture Conference:
Networks of Excellence
Circular Quay West, Sydney, Australia
November 22-24, 2002

Human Factors:
Design for the Whole Person
Melbourne, Australia
November 25-27, 2002

Universal Knowledge and Language
Goa, India
November 25-29, 2002

Is Software Patentability Necessary?:
The Political Implications of the Technical Directive
Brussels, Belgium
November 26, 2002

Online Educa:
Technology Supported Learning & Training
Berlin, Germany
November 27-29, 2002

Transgressing Culture:
Rethinking Creativity in Arts, Science, and Politics
Malmo & Lund, Sweden
November 29-December 1, 2002

Cultural Transformation:
Consciousness and New Technologies
Skopje, Macedonia
November 29-December 4, 2002

Development by Design:
Open Collaborative Design for Sustainable Innovation
Bangalore, India
December 1-2, 2002

Information Technology, Communications, and Development
Kathmandu, Nepal
December 1-3, 2002

Satellite and Wireless Connectivity for Rural Schools and Development
Windhoek, Namibia
December 1-4, 2002

Linux Bangalore
Bangalore, India
December 3-5, 2002

Online Information
London, England
December 3-5, 2002

Computers in Education
Auckland, New Zealand
December 3-6, 2002

Coalition for Networked Information:
Fall Task Force Meeting
San Antonio, Texas, United States
December 5-6, 2002

Public Communication of Science and Technology
Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa
December 5-7, 2002

African Studies Association:
Africa in the Information and Technology Age
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
December 5-8, 2002

Open Archives Forum:
Open Access to Hidden Resources
Lisbon, Portugal
December 6-7, 2002

Exploring the Network Society of Control
Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 6-7, 2002

Transformations in Politics, Culture, and Society
Brussels, Belgium
December 6-8, 2002

Mediaterra Art and Technology Festival:
New Platforms of Spectacle, Communication, and Resistance
Athens, Greece
December 6-15, 2002

Community Networking Conference:
Community Technology - Survival and Success
Austin, Texas, United States
December 8-10, 2002

Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning
San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 8-11, 2002

Partnership Networks as Tools to Enhance Information Society
Development and Knowledge Economy
Moscow, Russia
December 9, 2002

Is Big Business Destroying the Internet?
London, England
December 9, 2002

The Radio Academy:
Radio at the Edge
London, England
December 9, 2002

The Communications Network:
The Strategic Value of Communications
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
December 9-11, 2002

Information Wants to Be Free
Paris, France
December 9-15, 2002

Conference on Information Systems:
Virtual Community Informatics Workshop
Barcelona, Spain
December 15, 2002

Communication for Development in the Information Age:
Extending the Benefits of Technology for All
Varanasi, India
January 7-9, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society:
Asia Regional Conference
Tokyo, Japan
January 13-15, 2003

Gender and ICT:
Where Are We At?
Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 17, 2003

Independent Press Association:
The Changing Face of the Independent Press
San Francisco, California, United States
January 17-18, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society:
Latin America and Caribbean Regional Conference
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
January 27-30, 2003

Regulating Interconnection of Telecommunication Networks
South Africa
January 27-31, 2003

Connectivity of the Media:
Network Society and Media Communication
Erfurt, Germany
January 31-February 1, 2003

Infrastructures of Digital Design:
San Diego, California, United States
January 31-February 2, 2003

O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference
San Diego, California, United States
February 3-6, 2003

News Culture on the Web
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
February 12-15, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society:
Preparatory Committee II
Geneva, Switzerland
February 17-28, 2003

International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems
Berkeley, California, United States
February 20-21, 2003

National Association for Science, Technology, and Society:
Organizational Connections - Opportunities and Bridges
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
February 20-22, 2003

Alliance for Public Technology Policy Forum
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
February 21, 2003

Voices for a Better World:
Community Media and Social Justice
Kathmandu, Nepal
February 21-27, 2003

International Conference on Telecommunications
Tahiti, Papeete, French Polynesia
February 23-March 1, 2003

Closing Gaps in the Digital Divide:
Regional Conference on Digital GMS
Bangkok, Thailand
February 26-28, 2003

Circuit Riders Annual Roundup
Oakland, California, United States
March 7-9, 2003

Social Informatics and Law
Buffalo, New York, United States
March 14-15, 2003

Gender and Technology:
Research, Revisions, Policies, and Consequences
Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
March 20-22, 2003

Emerging Technologies in Teaching Languages and Culture
Seaside, California, United States
March 20-22, 2003

Unicode, Internationalization, and the Web:
The Global Connection
Prague, Czech Republic
March 24-28, 2003

Technoscience, Material Culture, and Everyday Life
Hong Kong, China
March 26-29, 2003

Technotopia vs Technopacalypse:
The Singularity Wars
Chicago, Illinois, United States
March 27-30, 2003

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy:
Freedom to Move, Think, and Speak!
New York, New York, United States
April 1-4, 2003

Life By Design:
Everyday Digital Culture
Irvine, California, United States
April 11-13, 2003

Future of the Book:
>From Creator to Consumer in a Digital Age
Cairns, Australia
April 22-24, 2003

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Santa Clara, California, United States
April 22-25, 2003

New Media, Technology, and Everyday Life in Europe
London, England
April 23-26, 2003

Networked World:
Information Technology and Globalization
Santa Clara, California, United States
April 24, 2003

Building the E-Nation:
A Social Science Symposium
Sydney, Australia
April 24-25, 2003

Coalition for Networked Information:
Spring Task Force Meeting
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
April 28-29, 2003

Subtle Technologies:
The Relationships Between Art, Science and Technology
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 2003

World Press Freedom Day
International, Global
May 3, 2003

Violence and Media:
Resources and Discourses
Barcelona, Spain
May 9-10, 2003

IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Oakland, California, United States
May 11-14, 2003

>From Information to Knowledge to Competencies:
Key Success Factors for Innovation and Sustainable Development
Nancy, France
May 13-15, 2003

Telecommunications in the 20th Century
Zurich, Switzerland
May 15-17, 2003

World Wide Web Conference
Budapest, Hungary
May 20-24, 2003

International Communication Association:
Communication in Borderlands
San Diego, California, United States
May 23-27, 2003

Web X:
A Decade of the World Wide Web
Athens, Georgia, United States
May 29-June 2, 2003

China and the Internet:
Technology, Economy, and Society in Transition
Los Angeles, California, United States
May 30-31, 2003

International Association for Development of the Information Society:
Lisbon, Portugal
June 3-6, 2003

Media Ecology Association:
Remapping Communication Environments
Hempstead, New York, United States
June 5-8, 2003

World Newspaper Congress and the World Editors Forum
Dublin, Ireland
June 8-11, 2003

Technology Policy and Innovation:
Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources Across Communities
Monterrey, Mexico
June 10-13, 2003

Information Systems Perspectives and Challenges in the Context of
Athens, Greece
June 15-17, 2003

Virtual Communities
Westminster, London, England
June 16-17, 2003

Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference
Houston, Texas, United States
June 19-22, 2003

Front Stage/Back Stage:
Mobile Communication and the Renegotiation of the Social Sphere
Grimstad, Norway
June 22-24, 2003

Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
June 23-28, 2003

Informing Science and IT Education
Pori, Finland
June 25-27, 2003

Computer Ethics in the Post-September 11 World
Chestnut Hill, Massachussetts, United States
June 25-27, 2003

Electronic Publishing:
>From Information to Knowledge
Guimaraes, Portugal
June 25-28, 2003

Community Technology Centers' Network Conference
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
June 26-29, 2003

Intellectual Property Rights in a Networked World
Boston, Massachussetts, United States
June 27-28, 2003

Information Communication Technologies in Education
Samos Island, Greece
July 3-5, 2003

Gender and Science and Technology Association Conference
Le Reduit, Mauritius
July 6-11, 2003

O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Portland, Oregon, United States
July 7-11, 2003

School Libraries:
Breaking Down Barriers
Durban, South Africa
July 7-11, 2003

International Association for the Study of Popular Music:
Sonic Synergies, Creative Cultures
Adelaide, Australia
July 17-20, 2003

World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics
Orlando, Florida, United States
July 27-30, 2003

African Computing & Telecommunications Summit
Abuja, Nigeria
August 25-29, 2003

Hypertext and Hypermedia
Nottingham, England
August 26-30, 2003

The Good, The Bad, and the Irrelevant:
The User and the Future of Information and Communication Technologies
Helsinki, Finland
September 3-5, 2003

Association for Learning Technology:
Communities of Practice
Sheffield, England
September 8-10, 2003

European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Helsinki, Finland
September 14-18, 2003

What's Left in Communication Research?
Piran, Slovenia
September 16-21, 2003

Information, Communication, Society
St. Giles, Oxford, England
September 17-20, 2003

Communities and Technologies
Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 19-21, 2003

Association of Internet Researchers
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 2003

International Telecommunications Union:
World Telecom Forum
Geneva, Switzerland
October 12-18, 2003

Global Congress on Community Networking
Melbourne, Australia
November 2003

The New Gatekeepers:
Free Expression in the Arts
New York, New York, United States
November 20-21, 2003

Coalition for Networked Information:
Fall Task Force Meeting
Portland, Oregon, United States
December 8-9, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society
Geneva, Switzerland
December 10-12, 2003
WSIS Executive Secretariat

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