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See below ...

Here is a good example of a virtual diaspora connected to Vietnam:
Archives: http://mail.saigon.com/pipermail/vnforum/
Subscribe: http://mail.saigon.com/mailman/listinfo/vnforum

Would anyone like to help build a global listing of similar forums
that have established themselves as "the place" to discuss political
issues related to a specific country?  Anyone know of other similar
forums to include:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Steven Clift
Democracies Online


Virtual Diasporas
and global problem solving project

Global diaspora communities are an increasingly important actor in
international conflict and cooperation. Today information
communication technologies bind transnational diaspora communities
with their homeland, facilitate new and efficient economic networks in
both the host and home countries, and increase identity and belonging
to a greater transnational community. Yet  other observers contend
that virtual diaspora networks are an emerging source of global
conflict as they facilitate transnational terrorist and criminal
activity, finance wars in home states, and most importantly, cultivate
divisive and  fragmenting nationalism throughout the online diaspora

How are we to balance a growing need for national security and
increased intelligence gathering with the need to respect the privacy,
civil liberties, and freedom of non-state transnational networks? How
will this first ever war against networks impact transnational
diaspora communities?  How can states work with these global diaspora
networks to further their aims?

The Nautilus Institute is beginning the process of understanding these
challenges with the Virtual Diasporas and Global Problem Solving
Project. The project, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, examined
the growing impact of global diasporas, and their use of information
technologies, on international conflict and cooperation. Specifically,
this effort explored a number of issues ranging from global diaspora
communities as an increasing source of conflict to the positive
contributions that emerging cosmopolitan diaspora organizations are
making to global problem-solving.


v i r t u a l  d i a s p o r a s
and global problem solving project

Workshop Papers

Phineas Baxandall
Harvard University
Good Capital, Bad Capital: Dangers and Development in Digital
Diasporas (abstract)

Karim H. Karim
Carleton University
"Diasporic Communication in the Contexts of International Conflict and

Michel Laguerre
MIT/UC Berkeley
Virtual Diasporas: A New Frontier of National Security

Vinay Lal
"Terrorism, Virtual Diasporas, and the Internet"

Hala Nassar
UC Berkeley
"Visual Diaspora: Palestinian Diaspora narrating the lost Home."

Robert Smith
Barnard College
"Migration, Assimilation and Diaspora: Positive Sum Solutions are
"Actual and Possible Uses of Cyberspace by and among States, Diasporas
and Migrants"

Shyam Tekwani
Nanyang Technological University
coming soon

Guobin Yang
University of Hawaii at Manoa
"Information Technology, Virtual Chinese Diaspora, And Transnational
Public Sphere"

G. Pascal Zachary
UC Berkeley
Globalization from Below: diasporic capitalism

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