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I have included the course outline below ... we need more of these
types of courses around the world! - SLC


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I was hoping you might be willing to put notice of the e-democracy
online moderators course the Hansard Society are running on your
Democracies Online Newswire or site.

We have run two successful courses from which we've received very
positive feedback.  The 3rd course commences 31st January and we will
sign people up till that date if the course is not running to full
capacity.  If the course is full there will be another course run a
couple of months after the start of this one to which potential
participants can sign up anyway.

It is a course that the Hansard society has developed as an
innovative new training course for anyone wanting to acquire the key
skills vital for the mediation of online policy deliberation.

Government, parliament, local councils, the media, business and the
voluntary sector are increasingly eager to hear what people have to
say about public policy and there is a growing recognition that the
internet can be used as a valuable tool to seek public reaction.
Skilled moderators  are needed to contribute to the democratic
process by providing trusted facilitation. The Hansard society
training course has been designed to meet this demand.

The course - the first of its kind in the UK - has been developed by
the Hansard Society in association with Dr Gilly Salmon of the Open
University. The course objectives are :

* To explore, establish and practise the skills of co-ordinating
online democratic forums.

* To enable online democratic deliberation to take place with maximum
efficiency and minimum disruption.

* To learn how to capture a diversity of public knowledge, experience
and opinion and to relay it to policy makers.

The e-democracy co-ordinators training course is run entirely through
the internet. Participants are expected to complete five hours a week
over a five week period, to successfully complete the course. To
date, other successful participants have come from national
government, local government, multimedia and IT organisations, the
voluntary sector, academics and consultants. The price of the course
is 495.00 with a 50 discount for those who apply before 17th
January for the next e-democracy co-ordinators course which starts
January 31, 2003.

We have a few places left on the next course and very much look
forward to hearing from interested parties.

For course information visit http://www.hansardsociety.org.uk

Or contact Sara Smallbone on +44 20 7955 7713.

Best wishes for 2003

Study Programme and e-Democracy Team
Hansard Society
9 Kingsway

Course curriculum

Week 1  Access and Motivation

Recruiting and motivating people to participate
Sending a message to a forum
Sending a message to an individual
Getting & using help
Navigation in the online world
Expressing expectations and needs
Accommodating late arrivals and rolling starts
Personal and group reflection

Week 2  Socialization

Equality and diversity
Exploring asynchronous online working in the service of democracy
Establishing online identities and perspectives
Principles of online communication
Personal and group reflection

Week 3  Exchanging information

Exchanging information
Using electronic information
Validity of information
Understanding the process of democratic deliberation
Personal and group reflection

Week 4  Constructing knowledge

Promoting participation
Designing for participation
Dealing with emotions
Managing time
Dealing with volume
Personal and group reflection

Week 5  Development

Being heard
Understanding the impact of contributions
Synthesising & conveying
Giving feedback
Personal development plans
Overview and reflection

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