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A quick analysis of our member list puts the number at 67 countries.
I simply counted the two letter domain name extensions.

With lots of Hotmail, Yahoo and .com addresses, I know our reach is
even more extensive.  Ultimately, I'd like to recruit at least one
person from each country to be part of our network and then enable
people within a specific country to opt-in to networking with each

Please see if your country is NOT listed below.  If it isn't, please
drop me a short note telling me where you are from:


The member list is not published, so don't worry about this
information being disclosed.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

The list of DoWire member's countries (by domain extensions):

.ae    United Arab Emirates
.ar    Argentina
.at    Austria
.au    Australia
.be    Belgium
.bg    Bulgaria
.bj    Benin
.br    Brazil
.ca    Canada
.ch    Switzerland
.cr    Costa Rica
.cz    Czech Republic
.de    Germany
.dk    Denmark
.ee    Estonia
.eg    Egypt
.es    Spain
.fi    Finland
.fr    France
.gr    Greece
.gy    Guyana
.hk    Hong Kong
.hr    Croatia/Hrvatska
.hu    Hungary
.id    Indonesia
.ie    Ireland
.il    Israel
.in    India
.it    Italy
.jp    Japan
.ke    Kenya
.kg    Kyrgyzstan
.kr    Korea, Republic of
.kz    Kazakhstan
.lt    Lithuania
.lu    Luxembourg
.lv    Latvia
.mn    Mongolia
.mt    Malta
.mx    Mexico
.my    Malaysia
.nl    Netherlands
.no    Norway
.np    Nepal
.nz    New Zealand
.pe    Peru
.ph    Philippines
.pk    Pakistan
.pl    Poland
.pt    Portugal
.ro    Romania
.ru    Russian Federation
.se    Sweden
.sg    Singapore
.si    Slovenia
.sk    Slovak Republic
.sl    Sierra Leone
.sn    Senegal
.th    Thailand
.tr    Turkey
.tw    Taiwan
.ua    Ukraine
.uk    United Kingdom
.us    United States
.uy    Uruguay
.uz    Uzbekistan
.za    South Africa
.zw    Zimbabwe

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