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I am putting together a different kind of speaking tour along with a
set of DoWire networking events.  First I'll start on the East Coast
and then head West of this works.

I'd like to weave together a set of quick stop speeches and
presentations at a number of universities and other sites.  I could
start in Montreal and finish up in Philadelphia via a stop in Boston.
 I'd like to do this in the next month or two.

My speeches are available from:  http://www.publicus.net/speaker.html
A detailed list of past events:

If you'd like to sponsor a speaking stop or two along the way, please
drop me a note and we will see what we can put together.  I was
called the "Johnny Appleseed"
<http://applejuice.org/johnnyappleseed.html> of e-democracy once.  So
perhaps this will be called the E-Democracy Appleseed Tour?

Steven Clift
Democracies Online
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