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From:                   "Ben Green"
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Strategies is hiring.  We are seeking candidates for Producer and
Account Representative positions who have practical experience or
strong interest in Democratic political campaigns and/or public
relations campaigns.  Experience in the creative, technical and
strategic aspects of developing sophisticated political and public
relations Internet presences is required.    Interested?  Forward
your resume to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  No phone calls please.  Check
out our website at http://www.crossroad.us

Crossroad Strategies is the leading Democratic Internet Campaign
Agency, based in Washington DC.  Current Crossroad Strategies clients
include John Kerry for President, US Senator Hillary Clinton,
HILLPAC, US Senator Patty Murray, Blair Hull for US Senate (Illinois)
and the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund.  Crossroad Strategies strategic
partners include NGP Software Inc., the leading provider of database
solutions for Democrats and Vervos Inc., one of the DC area's
premiere design agencies.

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