Hi Inada,

> But I can"t see language switcher on Python 3.6 document.

Yes I'm currently backporting it to older branches (3.6 and 2.7 at least).

> We (Japanese translators) translates latest stable release, not
> development branch.

> Is it possible to publish Japanese only for 3.6 branch?

Current implementation of the switcher can't do it, see: 
 but if it make sense, it may be enhanced.
We're also limited by the fact that switchers are versionned in cpython itself, 
so they will follow the freez (security only) cycles, typically blocking us to 
add/remove a translations to a frozen versions, which may or may not be a 
problem as old versions documentation are built without switchers (see: 
Last comment about this is that the current script building the documentation 
will automatically find the nearest branch for translations, see: 
meaning that if you're working on the 3.6 branch, the ja/3.7 directory will be 
built using your 3.6 po files, which may (or may not) be desirable. Advantages 
- If a translation team want to translate 3.7 only, then can and 3.6 will be 
partially build using it
- If a translation team is late adding a new branch, the new branch will still 
be built for them using their old translations, which for an unknown timespan 
will not diverge a lot
- Crawlers can start discovering / indexing new branches before translators 
start working on them
Disadvantages are more obvious: Translations are only partials.
So, currently, if you push a 3.6 branch to python-docs-ja, ja/{2.7,3.5,3.6,3.7} 
will be built using it.

Julien Palard
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