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    Hi Keith,
    I have reached chapter 9, Getting Started With Math, and found that all of
    the Math objects are missing. They have been replaced with an icon of an
    electrical plug and the text Object X, where X is a number. All of the
    figures are there, only the Math objects are missing. Fortunately,
    AOO41GS9.odt still has the Math objects.Did you make chapter 9 using copy
    and paste from AOO41GS9.odt? I'd like to use the same process you used and
    see if there is a reproducible problem. Do you remember anything unusual
    happening with chapter 9?
    Other than this problem, the review is going very smoothly. I made a few
    corrections but I'm impressed with how few in such a long document.


I do not see the problem that you are seeing. Yes I created AOO41GS.odt by copying and pasting the chapter files. there was nothing that was different about AOO41GS9.


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> That is precisely the one to review Francis. Thank you for checking.
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