FJCC opened a new pull request, #93:

   I proofread AOO41GS. Track Changes was on but some changes could not be 
tracked, e.g. setting Default Formatting for portions of paragraphs. Those are 
listed below. There is one paragraph on page 274 that I think should be 
deleted. See my notes. All edits have also been done to the individual chapters.
   I also included two versions of a macro chapter. That is not intended for 
the current version of the GS guide. I don't want to delay its release. The 
Macro chapter can be added later or released separately. The version of the 
macro chapter with the (many) changes not yet accepted opens very slowly for me.
   NOTES of untracked changes:
   *pg 16 Changed index entry for Tear-off Toolbar, was "ear-off Toolbars"
   *pg 29 What Is a Template, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence, "choose" was a 
different font.
   *pg 31 Applying Styles,  3rd bullet of 1st list, "Apply" was in a different 
   *pg 31 Using the Styles Deck in the Sidebar, Item 1, 1st sentence "choose" 
   in a different font.
   *pg 31 Using the Styles Deck in the Sidebar, the heading had two fonts
   *pg 34 Creating New (Custom) Styles, the index entry was "ustom"
   *pg 35 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, "If" was in a different font.
   *pg 45 Defining a Different First Page For a Document, 2nd paragraph, x-ref
   changed to Fig 33 from Fig 25.
   *pg 46 Dividing a Doc into Chapters, x-ref updated to Fig 34
   *pg 84 Opening CSV files, numbered list started at 3
   *Page 102, Using A Fill Series, 2nd paragraph, X-ref changed to Figure 86
   *Page 169, 1st paragraph, "window" was in a different font.That's is the 4th
   paragraph of Writing Text.
   *Page 187 "Step 2: Set field types and formats", changed the index entry to 
   "field types", not"field types and".
   *Page 200, 2nd paragraph of the section Making the Form (heading on previous
   page), sentence starting "In the Tasks list.." changed X-ref to Figure 168.
   *Page204, Section "Making the Form", second sentence, changed the x-ref to
   Figure 168.
   *Page 213, List item 3 under Fig. 186, changed the x-ref to Figure 186.
   *Page 219 "Make a Query with a Calculated Field", the first x-ref was changed
   to Figure 195.
   *pg 221 Step 4, the x-ref changed to Figure 197
   *pg 248 Section Printing Handouts, Notes, or Outlines in Impress, the word 
"print" was in italics after the words Handouts and Notes. Changed to normal 
   *Page 264 Insert Picture Dialog, list item 2, "from the menu bar" was in a
   different font.
   Page 274, first paragraph under Fig 245 seems out of place. This is on page 
   of AOO41GS11.
   *Page 275, list item under figure 246, changed the x-ref to Figure 251
   *Page 305 list item 5, the initial "To" was in a different font.
   *Page 308 above figure 284, list item 3, the first "to" was in a different

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