Czesław Wolański wrote:

Remarks on Chapter 8 and 10

ZIP archive is available at the link given below.



Be assured that any remarks that you give us will be addressed as we go forward. The difficulty arises is that Once we start publishing the PDF's, to the mwiki, the source .odt files need to be changed, and the full book and the full book .odt re-compiled. Also the PDF's for the book as well as the individual chapter PDF's.

The above can take a while as the documentation team currently consists of three members to do the updates and editing passes on the six user guides. If you would be interested in joining the team, we would welcome your keen eye as an editor. That way you could make the changes to the .odt files directly, or as comments and commit them back to the documentation repository.

Either way your comments are appreciated and will be acted upon.

Keith McKenna


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