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    Hi Keith,
    I don't see any recent commit that lists changes to AOO41WG3.odt since I
    committed some changes on 2023-01-23. Is the version currently in the
    Review folder different from the one I fetched on 6/14? I have changes to
    AOO41WG2.odt that I have not yet pushed to the main repository and if the
    version of  AOO41WG3.odt that I have is not up to date, I'll have to
    resolve conflicts when I push AOO41WG2.odt.
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Unfortunately I have made changes to Aoo41WG3, and am not finished doing the review. This is another one that would crash after trying to Accept/Reject a change. As a result I had to accept all changes and then essentially do a complete review. I should have it finished later today or tomorrow.

Things have been hectic in my personal life the last week or so and it has limited the time I would normally have for OpenOffice.


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