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> Greetings all;
> As I am getting ready to start publishing some of the Writer Guide's
> chapter files I am running across a problem stripping the front matter
> from the files to be able to then combine them into the complete book.
> The problem is with the heading for the TOC. As it is not a part of the
> TOC, it has to be deleted separately. This can be done, but the page
> break cannot be deleted causing a blank page to remain between the
> chapter tittle and the the start of the text of the chapter. I foresee
> this creating havoc when it comes time to compile the complete book.
> Is there a way to delete this extra page, or will it be taken care of
> when creating the full book.
> Thanks in advance for any insight that you can Proved
> Keith
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> Hi Keith,
I don't understand where the page break is coming from in the chapter I'm
looking at. I'm using AOO41WG4. I see a hard page break between the ToC and
the Introduction. I don't see one between the paragraph with the heading
"Publication date and software version" and the heading for the ToC but
something causes the ToC heading to be on a new page. Does that agree with
what you see? What exactly do you delete to get the blank page? Should I be
looking at another document?

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