I’ve been out of the DocBook ecosystem for a few years, but I’ve got some 
documentation to write and I’m rolling up my sleeves! I would have thought the 
following would be a FAQ, but Dave Pawson’s page is giving me a 404 right now.

What is the state of the art for small text substitutions (basically just 
domain-specific terms) that can also be varied via the profiling machinery? I 
have an application that can run as more than one “product”, and each product 
shows domain-specific variations in labels, for example, in the user interface. 
There might be a generic term for some object “Foo”, but Application A will 
call this a “Bar”, and Application B calls it a “Baz”. What I want to be able 
to do is refer to a “Foo” throughout the source, but substitute “Bar” for App 
A’s output, and “Baz” for App B’s. What’s the best way to achieve this?

Paul Hoadley

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