Dave Pawson <dave.paw...@gmail.com> writes:
> Works for me Norm, 1930Z?
> docbook.org & www.docbook.org?

It works fine, but it’s http: not https:.

I can’t make it https: and host it at github.com because they don’t
support SSL on custom domain names.

I’ll port it over to netlify which works. For cdn.docbook.org and
tdg.docbook.org, it was easy. There’s a DNS feature called CNAME that
allows you to map one domain to another. If you ask DNS about
cdn.docbook.org, it’ll tell you it’s an alias:

  $ host cdn.docbook.org
  cdn.docbook.org is an alias for boring-mayer-fc55f1.netlify.com.
  boring-mayer-fc55f1.netlify.com has address

But I don’t think I can (“I don’t know how to”) make that work for the
root domain (docbook.org) without changing the nameservers to netlify.

In theory, changing the nameservers is straightforward. I configure
the names at netlify, change the DNS NS records, and everything just
works. (Resolution continues to the old hosts until the DNS change
propagates across the internet and then it goes to the new hosts,
which support https:)

In practice, if it isn’t straightforward (“If I [expletive] it up”), I
don’t want to break someone’s production run at 15:00 on Friday
afternoon, so I’ll wait until the weekend.

(Free advice: if you’re relying on the internet for your production
runs, you’re doing it wrong. But I don’t want to be the guy who proves
that to you on Friday afternoon!)

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