Ran  couple of tests to see  what happens when  MTU of overlay interfaces 
are different. 

1.  One end at MTU 8950 and  the other at MTU  1450 .  In this case  the 
veth peer  connecting the  MTU 1450 interface to the  overlay bridge has 
MTU of 8950.   Ping from the MTU 8950 side. 

    ping -s 8900 <mtu1450h>   -fails

2.  Set the veth peer  MTU to 1450 .  
   ping -s 8900 <mtu1450h>   -works 

I think  "docker exec"  should allow setting the MTU of the overlay 
interface and  if the peer veth 's MTU is also  made the same ( and 
provided PMTU  is set  correctly, /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_no_pmtu_disc is 
 not 1 )   everything should work .  


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