I have a curious problem with trying to install cygwin and/or cyg-get in 
one of my Windows Containers.


FROM microsoft/windowsservercore
RUN powershell.exe -Command "iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 
-UseBasicParsing | iex"
RUN powershell.exe -Command "refreshenv"
RUN powershell.exe -Command "choco install cyg-get -y --verbose"

When looking logs with verbose during image creation, everything seems to 
be ok. It says it installed cygwin with desired packages.

But when starting the container and execing there, nothing cygwin related 
is installed. Choco log shows that it didn't even try to install the 
packages. It somehow just "skips" the layer in the image where the cygwin 
installation is happening, even if the logs on the host side shows that 
nothing is wrong.

When checking with image history it shows:

   23 hours ago        cmd /S /C powershell.exe -Command "choco install 
cyg-get -y --verbose"

cyg-get part should be hundreds of MBs but it shows only few hundred 

The weird thing is that this used to work just fine. When looking older 
image history:

                                                                2 weeks 
ago         cmd /S /C powershell.exe -Command "choco install cyg-get -y"

Only thing what has changed during that time is that I had to re-install 
Docker for Windows at one point.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Antti Kreivi

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